the best apartment in nyc

If you live in a small and cheap apartment, don´t worry, you can still make the best of it! Remember, even the best apartments in NYC need some work inside to look great, so you can make your home look amazing depending on your taste and style !

I always say that one is responsible for turning their residence into a real HOME. After searching tons of NYC rental apartment listings maybe you choose based on your budget, rather than your taste. Don´t worry, imagination is free and you may live in a huge, expensive  apartment, and at the same time it can look cold, without charm and a lack of warmth.

Decor is the clue, it´s everything and if you put love into it, you´ll have the best home ever!

Let’s check out these 5 tips to turn your small apartment into a real dream come true, just using our imagination!

  1. Make a list! –


Writing down ideas will help a lot! Take a close look around your apartment, with the furniture you have, what is the theme or style you would like to give it.

Think of a color palette, and decide which walls you think need to be painted, and what color to choose. Stay true to your taste.


  1. Accommodate your furniture against the wall.

If you live, and work in the same place, you should make it look spacious.  If the furniture is placed in the center of the room, it will decrease its size.

Choose your favorite piece of furniture, and base your decorating scheme around it. You will be amazed with the ideas you can come up with, and love it!


  1. Take the orientation into account!-

If you haven´t moved yet, think about the orientation according to natural light, this is very important to living in a bright apartment, regardless if it´s big or small. Sometimes natures work for us, and also remember the view is just as important! According to a property management NYC company the amazing views are utilized as the best indoor decoration! Just an FYI!


  1. Don´t wanna use colors for your apartment?

Don´t worry! White is just perfect!!! This color will not only give your residence luminosity, but it´s elegant and will make it look more spacious! It will even make it easier to decorate with just a few colorful pieces, you can make your home look amazing and wonderful!


  1. Use mirrors!

If you live in a small place, mirrors are a great item to put in your appartment! Mirrors give a sense of depth and your apartment will definitely look larger!


You can hang a mirror behind a sofa to visually increase the size of your apartment´s living area. Use them as extra “windows”: Mirrors are a great way to cheat the eye, especially if these “windows” are shaped or framed. Hanging them across from a real window will even make them seem more real. Also you can use mirrored furniture, it will make your apartment look luxurious and modern!

If it´s not in your budget to pay for it, add a mirror to the flat front of a table or the door to a wardrobe…easy option, nice and cheap!


Have you found this article useful? Great!!! Start thinking about how you would like to decorate your home, and remember, it doesn´t matter if it´s small, it´s your home and home is where the heart is!