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My small studio apartment in NYC used to look awful and i always believed i had no time to make any kind of improvement. Then one day i discovered this blog and after one weekend of hard work i learned how to save more space and even gain new places for my stuff. Thanks CAAO Mag!. — J.D.

Hi my name is Steve ,im from Fort Lee, New Jersey i found your blog while trying to find a way to decorate the rooms in my 3 room apartment ,amidiatly when i found it i knew that it was useful and thanks to this blog i created a awesome play room for my kids , and they love it .Thanks for the great tips .- Steve Shay.,Fort Lee ,New Jersey.

hi, i am a college student ,and i live in New York city ,i share this studio apartment whit my roommate , when i first got to this apartment it was very boring and kind of depressing especially for to people , so one day on Facebook i came across this blog and fell in love with it right away ,thanks to you guys my studio apartment looks so different know . Thanks , Zoey.M , Bronx , New York city .

Hey guys, i find your blog very interesting and it has helped me whit a lot of stuff , but you guys make a lot of tips about apartments but what about houses , houses are bigger then apartments and they have stuff that apartment , i mean i would like if you can make tips about houses , gardens , porches , and etc. Thanks hope you take in mind my opinion ! Linda . L , Long Island city.