luxury apartment buildings

Why is it that tenants don´t want new luxury apartments in New York City? Building construction has always been a plus in a city like NY, but it seems like not everyone´s happy about this idea and let´s see why.

Recently, I´ve read some news articles where residents in an Upper East Side NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) development fear local kids will be without a playground if the City builds a luxury building or Housing Authority Project.

The construction plan claims it is going to save the cash-strapped Housing Authority, reducing its multi-billion dollar deficit, by using or selling unused land to private developers.

The problem is the proposed Holme´s development site is not an unused lot at all but, their local playground, and the Housing Authority hasn´t consulted the local residents as they should and that has unleashed a conflict within the community.

The playground was chosen among three other places despite the widespread resistance of the community.

One of the main reasons of having playground is offering its residents light and air, and building in it will block the airflow coming into those units.

The project is still in negotiations, but everything suggests the construction will start soon. So… are the increasing numbers of ultra luxury building projects in the city a good idea or a problem?   Let´s take a look at another project that was successful : Mercedes House.


Mercedes House- luxury for the investors, new jobs for the locals.

The difference between the Holmes Towers and Mercedes House is that the first one is a private housing project for low income residents of the Upper East Side, while Mercedes House located at 550 West 54th Street is a luxury modern complex that has recast New York`s skyline.

At Mercedes House you can find luxury apartments in NYC with all the amenities and comfort you need.

Besides, when Mercedes House was built it didn`t interfere with any urban space that`s why nobody complained about its construction. Just the opposite, the project was welcomed by residents because it had a big impact on the economy. Projects like this means an immediate source of fresh jobs in the construction industry and, once these buildings are ready there is another important impact.

Available luxury apartments attract wealthy people to the area: investors, business persons, companies, C.E.O… and with a lot of people like this escaping from London after the Brexit, and searching the world for a new headquarters, NYC would always be a good choice.  You wouldn’t wan to loose an opportunity like this.

“Midtown West apartments for rent are an excellent choice if you are a foreign investor, and want to conduct business in the States,  and Mercedes House offers the luxury you are looking for.” a local specialist said a year ago.

Now going back to the real problem. There are ways of avoiding this kind of social dispute, and in my opinio,n one of them is taking into account the resident`s opinions and respecting public areas.

It`s good to have new buildings where you can rent luxury NYC Midtown apartments. It will attract wealthy investors from other countries as a nice place to live, and it will provide locals with new job opportunities while under construction and other more jobs once the buildings are finished.

The growing Real Estate industry is good for everybody. More employment, more investors, more money moving around.

It`s nice to see our city grow, but it`s absolutely necessary to respect the different areas and locations.

So Midtown West apartment for rent at Mercedes House may be your next home, or your next job if you are an interior designer, a building worker, an electrician or even a chef .  Maybe luxury is just for a few, but progress is for everybody.  And, if you are coming to the US for business and you need a perfect place to relax after a hard day, you know there are places like Mercedes House where you can feel the luxury of living at a place that has absolutely everything you need!