NYC Midtown West apartments

NYC Midtown West apartments
Do you live in a small residence in Midtown West? Don´t worry! NYC Midtown West apartments are usually expensive and people use the smaller units so you are not the only one!!

The objective is to make your home look really cool, inspired by the location which is known for its luxury and fabulous surroundings, your Midtown apartment may look like a synopsis of all the things you love about Midtown NYC.

You´ve been searching for your next home for quite a long time, so when you finally find your Midtown West apartment to rent you’ll be sure to get the most out of it. The good news is, it is possible, and with a few simple tips, you can turn your residence into pure luxury.  Making it look spacious, bright, charming and comfortable!

Take a look!

For your bedroom.

If you live by yourself, you can start by enhancing your bedroom using decorative wall stickers or painting the walls with cheerful colors.  Your bedroom must be your place to relax, so bring some life to it, and turn it into your favorite space.


You can also use candles and scents to enhance the ambiance, and you´ll see how quickly your mood will change.

Flowers are the new Glade!

Use flowers to decorate your apartment, keep things fresh with a monochromatic center piece. Voluptuous peonies and roses mixed with viburnums give the room a sense that it´s alive.

You can use the white color for your living room´s walls and sofas. Everything in white is just a superb choice, ’cause it´s synonymous of elegance and luxury.  You just have to be careful because it´s a delicate color, so take care of your furniture. Use mirrors, to give a sense of extra space. Mirrors with quality frames are a must and your residence will look amazing.

Wanna get inspired in Paris, Manhattan or any other cool city?

Use black and white colors in your selections to get the best “Courreges” style. Buy small decorative Tour Eiffel Towers and create your own vintage touch to give your apartment a “Parisian look”.  If you listen to Oasis or Blur all day long and you are more like a brit-style girl, you can get the British touch with some Big Ben related paintings and British flag printed pillows. Some tea set out as decoration will complete the puzzle, even if you prefer coffee.

Figure out your own style. 

If you prefer a cozy country over a modern style, you can choose wooden décor, hand-painted elements, and floral decoration.

If you prefer modern, use a design style with clean, fresh interiors and simplicity in adornment.

Deco your apartment based in Midtown West?
NYC Midtown West apartments

Iconic buildings, famous artists, classic taxy colors and so much more! I am amazed by how many decorative objects include pictures of Manhattan, and especially, Midtown West… lunch boxes with printed NYC taxis, big 3d paintings featuring the Empire State Bulding on the front. It´s trending, no doubt.

Use pictures of the city, typical Midtown West ornaments and recreate its style!

You will love to see your home the exact way you dreamed of, inspired by Midtown West which is one of New York City´s most exclusive neighborhoods, so start now and make your dream come true!

There are infinitive ways of making your small home luxurious and comfortable.  The tips we just covered should help tap into your inner designer, but remember to put your imagination to work, stay true to your style and at the end you´ll see amazing results resembling this amazing location!