NYC: apartments with pool in Midtown West

New York City is home to artists, famous designers, and celebrities.  A city full of glamour, bright lights, and luxury.

Here you can find the most fashionable lofts, and charming residences. Some apartments in Midtown West have that something special that makes them unique.

New York´s Fashion Week is one of the most renowned events in the world, and famous designers such as Alexander Wang or Kanye West shine over everyone else. Oh, wait, did I say Kanye West? Maybe Midtown West was Kanye´s dad? Mmm, ok, never mind! Just a coincidence!

So imagine what the homes of these designers wouldl look like? Wanna peek into some of their residences? Residences that can make you feel poor even if you are living in a ultra  luxury building with pool like River Place.

Come on! join the ride!

Seems like Wang made an excellent decision with this beautiful TriBeCa loft located at 39 Worth Street. He bought it in 2010 for $2 million and is now selling it for $ 3.75 million! WOW! Almost double the price? Hmm, I want Wang as my personal administrator.

And what about Midtown West´s relative, Kanye West?  I wish I could own this absolutely stunning penthouse triplex located at 471 Washington Street. Guess how much it cost? Nothing more and nothing less than: $ 24.5 million. OMG!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her beau, Tom Brady, also own a magnificent loft located at One Madison. This residence is for sale for the price of: $17.35 million! But don´t worry ’cause they will be moving to a $20m apartment in New York City!

$35 million is the listing price for Alessandra and Allegra Gucci! The sisters live in a spectacular duplex penthouse located inside Midtown´s Olympic Tower. Wanna rent a little space? I definitely would!

Another supermodel, Gigi Hadid, also enjoys luxury at her $3.9 million residence. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, do not skimp when buying their residences. Recently Mary-Kate moved from her downtown rental in the East Village to a townhouse in Kips Bay, and CEO J Crew ´s townhouse, although beautiful, dropped its price from $29.995 to $27.5 million. Not at all an inconsiderable price!

So now you know how celebrities live, and as you can see, not all of the residences are NYC apartments with pool, but still they have charm and most of all are really luxurious.

What´s important is to create your own style, and make your home your favorite place to live.