luxury rentals in Madison Square Park
What if I told you can create you private “petite” garden inspired in Madison Square Park? Cause even if you don´t live near it you can enjoy and relax putting some green in you apartment.

Imagine waking up every morning smelling it´s delicious flower scents and taking care of it every day?

It´s awesome to put some nature to your home and to give life to your residence so here are my five tips to create your own floral sanctuary and make the best of it knowing that if you use the same flowers or plants in your apartment you can get a small version of Madison Square Park! Cause luxury rentals means nothing if you can´t afford the luxury of plants and calmness they bring, so take this into account and improve your quality of life.

  1. Create a miniature park like the Madison Square!

Plant in a flower pot some grass with soil. Dig a hole in the center of it, choose a plant similar to a small tree with roots and place it there. For the fence, bench and swing we will use dry branches which measures has to be proportional to the tree´s size (4 times smaller). Cut them and stick them. The larger branches will be the backrest of the bench and then we´ll proceed placing 6 horizontal sticks. The fence will also be made with these branches, we can use clay to simulate a path and hang a horizontal stick with two strings from one of the tree´s branches. So come on start now and create your cute small park at home!


  1. If you have a rooftop with views of Parks make use of it!

You can create wonders in your roof top and many people take this advantage to create their private garden. You must choose colorful flowers appropriate for the season and before you plant them read instructions about how to take care of them.

Remember too much light can kill them and too much water may drown them! So taking into account these simple instructions you can enjoy of a rooftop full of life without having to go for a walk to Madison Square Park!


  1. Create your winter garden in your apartment!

This is awesome, cause you´ll have your green space inside your apartment! Relax watching its flowers and plants while laying back comfortably on your sofa. Give your home a different touch using awesome indoor flowers such as: Poinsettias, Orchids or Bromeliads.

Turn nature into your very best friend and enjoy the luxury you deserve!


  1. Make use of your balcony and cover it with hydrangeas!

This beautiful lilac colored flowers will make your residence look amazing. Buy flower pots, plant the hydrangeas and place them along your balcony. You will feel you are breathing Madison´s Square Park air and you will feel stressed relieved enjoying nature.


  1. Make use of your outer space walls with colorful plants!

Not only use the floor and railings of your balcony to decorate it with flowers, but also use its walls!

You must take advantage of each space and fulfill it with nature! Place air pots on its walls, buy beautiful flowers such as Azaleas, Chamomiles and Dianthus and turn your home into a real dream come true!


Remember flowers are a must in your residence, they will feel your life with energy and you will feel relaxed! Take these tips into account and start now building your own private garden at home, you will love it!


Remember to follow me at my next blog and feel free to write down any comments or suggestions! I´ll be glad to help you!