Many people are lucky enough to buy a luxury apartment in NYC, but others (like me) are content to rent a small apartment and make it luxury! How? It is very simple, you just need to have imagination and good taste!
 deluxe one bedroom nyc

Transform your home into the place you´ve always wanted to live.  With love and a little bit of effort you can make this possible!

So follow these tips for 5 different kind of apartments, you will love it!

  1. Deluxe studio NYC.

Studios are the ideal place if you live by yourself and need nothing more than your own space to spend time and feel at home. But how to make this place look really amazing?

If you wanna make it look bigger and deluxe, you can mount a 4k 70´´ smart TV to a wall. Add a Netflix account and stream videos such as nature, oceans and animals to give it a different touch.

If you wanna make it a French style, you can buy a fabulous chandelier and place it at the center of your loft! Ohlalá!


  1. Deluxe one bedroom NYC.

Is your bathroom big enough? Then what about installing a Jacuzzi in it? What is better than a long relaxing bath after a stressful day at work? A Jacuzzi is a must have in your apartment and don’t worry if your residence is small, you can always find a Jacuzzi adapted to its size and shape.  Maybe a rectangular Jacuzzi will fit better than a round one as it will occupy less space. Start now creating you own health club…at home!


  1. Deluxe two bedroom NYC.

For a two bedroom apartment, an excellent idea (if you have kids) is to split the second bedroom in two and create a playroom!! Give your children their own space to have fun and give yourself time to get things done while they are entertained!

No kids? Ok! Turn that extra room into a studio, a place where you can concentrate, work and organize your important stuff!

Maximize space and always think about the different uses you can give to them!


  1. Luxury NYC 3 bedroom apartment.

Ok, so you have a big apartment and would like to know how to take advantage of all its space! Use one of the rooms as a playroom…for adults! Think about things that can really entertain you and help you enjoy your space! Pinball machines? Arcade cabinets? Billiards? Whatever you prefer, you can implement it! Even a drink bar! The idea is to relax and have a great time!

  1. Deluxe penthouse apartment NYC.

Penthouses are awesome! They don´t just allow you to enjoy the best views ever, but also take advantage of the huge space and private gardens! Don´t have one yet? Ok! Start now! Install a small barbecue with garden decorations included. Don´t forget the lights!

And if your penthouse hasn’t got a pool, you can install an external removable one!  Use it in the summer, tan yourself, invite your friends over for a swim and a superb barbecue, then remove it in the winter! It´s easy and simple! You and your friends will love it!


Hope you liked my article! And most of all I hope it was useful! Start planning how you would like your home to look.  Remember, you can turn simple into luxury in the blink of an eye!