luxury apartment for sale in brooklyn nyc

Are you thinking about a way of investing and feeling safe for retirement? A good way to start is to search Dumbo apartments for sale and then renting them to perceive an extra income.

Dumbo is a growing area where you can find a luxury apartment for sale in Brooklyn NYC and get the best of it.

So if you wanna get monthly incomes then you should follow these simple 5 steps:

  • Buy a luxury apartment.

If you buy a luxury apartment at Dumbo-Brooklyn and you can get about $10.000/mo. This makes $120.000 a year which is a pretty good passive income.

Buying and then renting your apartment is the best option knowing it´s the safest way of making business.


  • What If you can´t afford a luxury apartment at Dumbo Brooklyn?

Don´t worry, you can invest in an affordable residence and it will still be a great choice! You´ll get an assured income that will allow you to continue with your life and plans while owning an apartment which in a few years can get payed by itself with rentals. Besides owning a property is extremely important! Having your own roof will give you an undeniable peace of mind.


  • Think about what you would like your life to be after retirement.

It is very important to figure this now, even if you are young, focus on your needs, your next home, what will really make you happy and start constructing it now. Make some research, get info and talk to retired people who are now living like they always dreamed of and ask them to give you an advice. Each one of us is unique and have different needs, but if you start planning your retirement with time there is less chance you can make a mistake in the future while making your decision.


  • Benefits about investing in a property-

It will generate a monthly income, you´ll get tax advantages such as depreciation etc, you will be able to increase rents overtime and get the ability of a fixed mortal cost. Also the value of your rent is going to go up and so will do your rent price.

  • Income producing properties has its pros!

The IRS lets you depreciate the building portion of your property over 27.5 years. This way much of your cash flow will be taxed-deferred and if you own the property and never sell it when you die the depreciation is lost.


As you can see investing in properties for retirement is the best option you can think of. Make your life worth and invest in what´s really good. The real estate market is growing more each time and having the chance of buying a property and make the best of it is the best decision you can ever make!