Perhaps you’ve been looking, or are wanting to start looking at East Side NYC luxury apartments for rent, but you’re not sure where to start. Let’s talk about how to find that perfect apartment.

First, use your friends, and tell them to ask their friends, as well. Chances are that someone knows of an apartment.

Next, look to start leasing an apartment during the winter. This means November through January. This is when most apartment prices drop.

You can always try looking online. Most apartments, like House 39 ( have their own sites that list amenities, prices, and even give you floor plans. This is a great way to start looking and finding one that works for you. You can ask about availability if one interests you, and then go see it in person.

Being realistic is also important. You have to look within your budget. Of course, if you’re looking for luxury apartment, that may not be an issue.

The next tip is to take a friend with you, as the friend can sometimes see things that you can’t, and won’t let you make rash decisions. Ask their opinion, and then trust it.

Similar to the tip about looking online, google reviews for the complex you’re looking at. People will surely have left their opinion – be it good or bad, and you can use that easily to know who will be worth signing a contract with and who no.

An excellent idea is to visit the complex at night. That way you’ll get a better idea of the environment. People will be home and you can see how they interact and what sort of atmosphere you’ll be living in.

There are a lot more tips that could be named, but these are some great ones to make sure you land a great spot!