Green-living - Apartment rentals NYC.

Are you an ecologist and would like to move to a green apartment? Do you know what it takes to turn your home into green living?

Fortunately, over the years, every time more people think green, it helps to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life.

A green design concept is used to facilitate the sustainable use of resources, like energy, water and other materials through the complete life cycle of the building and its construction.

Green residences have captured more and more of the Real Estate market, and nowadays, we can find green luxury apartments for rent.

So here I´ve selected 5 important issue,s you should consider when planning to rent your next green home:

  1. Big windows save artificial light.

Big windows save artificial light

One of the most important points when living at a green residence is to reduce the use of artificial light, and the best way to do this is by substituting it for natural light.

Belive it or not, it will increase our energylevel, and is proven to have a positive impact on our mood.

Windows usually face the south side to maximize the natural light, minimizing the need for artificial lighting.


  1. Double pane windows save energy in air conditioning.

Double pane windows

Glass plays a main roll in buildings and offers advantages such as transparency, natural day lighting, blending of exteriors with interiors and acoustic control.

Double pane windows are important, not only in green apartments, but in any residence. They protect us from the wind, low temperatures, and in the case of a green residence, it helps to save energy in air conditioning.


  1. Is there a recycling program available in the building or community?

Before you move, it is good to find out if you can connect with other residents to be part of a recycling program.

This way, you will learn new ways of recycling and how to work together to further promote green living.


  1. If furnished, what materials are used for the furniture?  Are they eco-friendly?

Green living is not only about the building and its construction, the interior furniture is very important if you are a real ecologist.

So here are some tips for green furniture:

Use certified sustainable wood- Forest Stewardship Council is a great standard of certification that controls-clear cutting and promotes good working conditions.

Use reclaimed materials for your furniture, as it is a great example of resourcefulness and efficiency.

Bamboo- This is the most used material by ecologists because it is grass, and not a tree. It ranges in size and color, and because it grows quickly, it is easier to maintain bamboo forests.

Use recycled metal and plastic, durable and fixable furniture, and avoid flame retardant materials.



  1. Lights have sensors to save energy?

Do corridor lights and other common area lights have sensors to save energy and turn on only if people are present? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

In order to live in a real green residence, this concept is important. Controlling lights in common areas with sensors will help reduce not only energy but also its cost.

It is also important to tconsider the use of energy saving light bulbs, replacing the old incandescent light bulb.


As you can see, there are several things to consider when moving to a green building.  I hope this article was useful, and you enjoyed each tip.