columbus circle apartments for rent
If you love theater, art and own an artist soul, Columbus Circle is without a doubt your best place to live! Apartment rentals near the Theater District are a must if you are searching for a unique way of living surrounded by talent and entertainment.

So start your journey through Columbus Circle apartments for rent, until you settle down and start enjoying the real spirit of artists.

Named after Christopher Columbus, Columbus Circle is a traffic circle in Manhattan located at the intersection of Eighth Avenue, Broadway, Central Park South and West at the southwest corner of Central Park. It is one of the main attractions in New York City.  To the South of the circle, we can find The Theater District which is located in Midtown Manhattan and where we can find most Broadway theaters.

The Theater District is an awesome place for entertainment, for people who appreciate art and love watching excellent plays.

So if you are planning to find a Theater District apartment for rent, or premium rental residences at Lincoln Square, here´s a list of the top 5 famous theaters in the area, so you can start figuring out where to watch your next show!

  1. Ambassador Theatre- 219 W 49th Street, New York.

In 1921 the Schuberts built the Ambassador Theatre. It has a uniquely shaped hexagonal auditorium with a simple exterior ornamentation.

Architect Herbert Krapp designed its interiors.

Chicago is now playing at this theatre, so if you want to go for a night out at the theatre and watch true entertainment, this play will blow your mind!

  1. Belasco Theatre- 111 W 44th

This is a beautiful theater with great views from any point. It has luxury décor and is very intimate with great acoustics.

Watch the best plays in this well preserved theater with the most beautiful Tiffany lighting and roomy comfortable seats!

Plan your best night!

  1. Broadway Theatre- 1681 Broadway NYC.

Originally built as a movie house, the Broadway Theatre has a seating capacity of 1765 which made it ideal for the changeover to musical theatre in 1930.

The Schubert organization owns and operates it and it is known for being one of the largest Broadway Theatres visited by thousands of people each year.

Enjoy this fabulous place and watch the most famous plays of all times.


  1. Bruce Atkinson Theatre- 256 W 47th

Designed by architect Herbert Krapp and constructed as the Mansfield theatre by the Chanin brothers in 1926, its interior was refurbished in 2000 with restored decorative finishes, turning it into one of the favorite theatres chosen by nearby residents and tourists.

Some of its notable productions before 2000 were: Shuffle Along (1932), Lolita (1981), Beyond Therapy (1982), and The Iceman Cometh (1999 revival)


  1. Marquis Theatre- 46th Street between Broadway and 8th

Located on the third floor of the Marquise hotel, this beautiful theatre was designed by architect John C. Portman. The sleekly modern auditorium opened in 1986 with a series of concerts by Shirley Bassey.

It has a capacity of 1611 seats, and in 2012 its fabulous play Evita achieved the box office record of the Marquise Theatre.  The production grossed 1,586,902 in attendance over 8 performances! Truly amazing!



So now you can start searching for your own apartment near the Theatre District, a place where joyfulness and entertainment goes hand in hand and a place full of magic where talent is its main character!