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Flatiron District: Modern Residences vs. Classic Residences

The Flatiron District in New York City is iconic to say the least. Named after the 22-story steel-framed, triangular wedge-shaped Flatiron Building, at 175 5th Avenue and West 23rd Street, this commercial neighborhood is also home to office high-rises and modern homes in the Flatiron District.

Is Bergen County the Right Place to Find a Luxury Apartment?

Bergen County is situated on the northeastern side of New Jersey, and shares its borders with Rockland County on the north, along with Manhattan

On Your Mark, Get Set – Go to Fort Greene!

Three luxury apartments in Fort Greene are competing to fill their new residential towers – The Hub, The Ashland and…

Competing for Tenants is like Running a Horse Race

With new apartment rentals popping up seemingly around every corner, landlords are fighting to find the best way to appeal to renters.

New Jobs Makes Bronx Apartments More Competitive

Donald Trump campaigned to bring back jobs to America. Evidence shows he has kept that campaign promise so far in…

The Bronx Zoo is Closer to Bronx NYC Rental Apartments Than Manhattan

Have you ever heard anyone say “It’s all about location?” Animal Planet is running a new series about the Bronx…

Apartment Rentals Near Theater District for Under $1500 per Month

As I am on a strict budget, I was looking to see what type of apartment I could get for…

Studio Residences for Rent – Hudson River.

As you can see, there are many options to rent very nice residences and if you are considering finding rental apartments with Hudson River views

My search for apartments with yoga studio NYC.

5 years ago, I decided to change my life for good, so I started doing some research about the benefits of different activities which I felt could really make a difference.

Luxury Apartments: Bergen County is a Good Option

Bergen County is in the Northeast portion of New Jersey, on the West side of the Hudson River. The George Washington Bridge will take you from Bergen County into New York, should you need to go to the city.

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