Bronx ApartmentsDonald Trump campaigned to bring back jobs to America. Evidence shows he has kept that campaign promise so far in his first 100 days. It is clearly happening in the Bronx!

In a Huffington Post article, the new jobs coming to the Bronx include new job opportunities that are primarily by health care and education occupations, or so-called “meds and eds.”

With nearly 30,000 employees, healthcare practitioners is by far the largest growth in the Bronx, and one of the borough’s few competitive advantages. Over the next decade, the Bronx’s healthcare practitioners growth is projected to explode by more than 19 percent with large anchor institutions such as Montefiore Medical Center and Fordham University. 

The Bronx’s Education cluster has approximately 16,000 employees, which is half as many employees as healthcare practitioners. Education professionals in the Bronx earn 30 percent more than their healthcare practitioner colleagues, with an annual salary of around $59,000.

There’s a third growth group with almost 13,000 employees in new management positions. Management salaries are the highest in the Bronx, averaging nearly $120,000 per year. The fourth group is Business and Financial Operations adding an additional 8,800 employees.

Say what you will about President Trump, but there is no denying there are new job opportunities in the Bronx. And with the influx of these individuals that don’t wish to commute but want to reside in the same community in which they work, there will be a shortage of living accommodations.

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