Bergen County is situated on the northeastern side of New Jersey, and shares its borders with Rockland County on the north, along with Manhattan and the Bronx, which are the hearts of New York City.

It is a good choice for family-oriented people with kids, as it is a safe and luxurious neighborhood compared to NYC.

Bergen County luxury buildings are of different types such as condos, multi-family sharing houses, and townhouses. There are also several options for renting out living spaces for those who can’t yet afford to buy property but wish to live there on a temporary basis.

Let’s take a closer look at Bergen County rentals in terms of a few crucial factors:

  1. Rent Cost

The cost of residing in Bergen County is 49.20% higher than the average of USA. However, the rent of one bedroom and bathroom starts from about $2300 and can go up to $3500 for three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The rent varies slightly according to different cities in the county.

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  1. Transport

The average time to commute from one place to another is about 26 minutes, which is also the National average. Bergen County is part of the adjoining metropolitan network which means commuting to adjoining cities, areas and counties is convenient through rail.

  1. Interesting Places

There are several parks that allow picnicking and even hiking with trails such as The Palisades and Harriman State Park, while others such as Fort Tyron and Van Saun County Park offer natural green places to relax and enjoy amidst animals. Garden State Parkway is perfect for a day out for shopping.

  1. Distance from Other Places in NYC

The estimated time to reach NYC through FDR Drive and NJ-4 W is about 40 minutes, depending on which city you are in. The distance between Manhattan and Bergen County is 13.43 miles and 17.34 miles to New York.

As you can see, there are several positive and essential elements that make Bergen County not only an attractive choice, but possibly your first choice.