apartments with cabanas

Have you been dreaming of retiring to a secluded island?  Sitting on a beautiful beach drinking an exotic cocktail.  Or maybe living a life of luxury, lounging next to the pool under the shade of a cabana.

Let it be known that you don’t have to wait until you retire, and you don’t have to move to some exotic island.  There are apartments with cabanas in Manhattan, you just have to know where to look.

Are you not sure what a cabana is exactly?  A cabana is a small structure, usually, next to a pool for you to relax and enjoy the day, but get out of the sun.  They can be as simple as a pop-up canopy with curtains, or as extravagant as a concrete structure with a built in barbecue station.

With the cost of construction nowdays, apartment buildings are more inclined to have an indoor lap pool next to the gym, and make the roof top a place where residents can sit, relax and enjoy the views of the city.

If you find a luxury rental in Midtown Manhattan that has a roof top sundeck with a pool and private cabanas, you should consider yourself lucky.  They are not easy to come by, and are usually a bit more pricey.

Think of all the things you can do in the summertime if you have access to the roof top sundeck with a pool and cabanas.  You can invite your family and friends over for a relaxing day at the pool, knowing there is the shade of a cabana for those light complected relatives to get out of the sun.  You can kick off the summer with a Memorial Day party, host birthday parties, 4th of July parties, and even throw your last summer shindig on Labor Day Weekend.

I have 5 reasons I would be willing to pay a little more for an apartment if it has a roof top cabana.

  1. Convenience – The most obvious reason.  I don’t have to worry about driving or parking
  2. Limited Access – Only the current tenants and their guests have access, so I wouldn’t have to worry about who is in the cabana next to mine
  3. Tranquility – A nice private place to relax and enjoy the view of the city.  I can tune out the noises below.
  4. Security – With a full staff in the lobby, you have the sense that they are watching who comes and goes from the building.
  5. Fresh Air – I really enjoy being outdoors, to me the open space is priceless.

During my search I found 2 places that I would like to find an available apartment.  The first is at 10th Ave and W 41st Street. They have some 1 bedroom unit available for abour $4000 per month, and 2 bedrooms for about $6500 per month.  The 2nd place I found is going to be at 225 East 39th Street.  House 39 is still in the construction phase, and should be ready for tenants to start moving in near the 4th quarter of 2017.

The two complexes have similar lists of amenities for their residents.  If you are interested, you can look into getting an apartment with cabanas in Manhattan.