About a year ago I moved to New Jersey with my parents, I was born and raised in Uruguay a small country in South America between Argentina and Brazil and as my dad worked for a multinational company and had been promoted, NJ was our next destination.

 apartments for rent Fort Lee NJ

We were very excited about the idea of finding Fort Lee, New Jersey apartments, meeting new people and visit interesting places. Besides my uncle also lives at the “Garden State” so everything turned out perfect.

So in other words we are immigrants, like so many people who have  moved to the States searching for the “American dream”. I must say I´ve learned a lot about how things are in life here and would like to help you out if you find yourself in the same situation as me, one year ago, were everything was new and didn’t know where to start from.

The good news are “new Americans” like us help out  the rental industry as we add billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to New Jersey´s economy, so if you are searching apartments for rent or buy at Fort Lee, NJ, take these facts into account:

  1. Did you know investing in Real Estate can be a good way of obtaining a green card?

You can invest in real estate projects in exchange for legal immigration status just like Ms Zaho´s father did. She was a US student who wished to obtain her Green Card, so her father invested in a half a million project in Bryant Park. In just a few months their  paperwork came through and the Zahos became permanent residents of the United Sates.

  1. Hundreds of immigrants have invested in Fort Lee apartments getting excellent results.

This way they rent their residents getting a fix income. The real estate business can be really awesome if you take good advantage of it.

My uncle who´s also an immigrant got his green card making real estate business and he always recommends it. i know its not that easy to buy a expensive property and get incomes from rental . but there are many options to make it less difficult and we will analyze it better in a future article

  1. How can you search for luxury apartments in Fort Lee or any other valuable place ?

You can search in Nest Seekers, this website is ideal for finding apartments to rent or buy, you can filter by neighborhood, location, beds, SQFT., price and amenities. Find the best Fort Lee rentals here! And if you are an investor you can also make your best choice and consult an accountant about how to decrease your taxes.

  1.  Meets with the law´s requirements,

If you are a good guy who pays your taxes try to research all law requirements that you can relate with real estate industry . Invest in US projects and i bet you will have much chances of being a naturalized U.S. citizen eligible to vote.

  1. Usually immigrants are good tenants

they usually pay in date especially Asians and Latinos. Asian people are very disciplined with their money, Latinos because they keep their word and personal reputation is very important for them .,Every immigrant group  have also boost housing values in communities and had improved apartment rentals. We are a must!

So as you can see i defend immigrants being a immigrant myself , cause we make the difference and we do not arrive to a country to steel anybody´s job but to construct together and contribute to make USA richer and more powerful than it is!