apartment in the Bronx NY

Wanna give your New York City apartment at the Bronx a different touch? Are you tired of the conventional colors and would like to enjoy each day at your apartment in the Bronx NY? Then you should take into account these tips and begin to give life to your days using colors!!

So start thinking about the distribution of your apartment, your living room, kitchen, hall room, bedroom or playroom, and which colors would you prefer for its walls. Now go outside the line and ask yourself, if you had to decorate your home inspired in the Bronx NY, what style would you choose? Music topics, Jazz, Hip Hop, Graffiti deco, warm lights?

It is very important to make your own space personal and appealing to you, don´t think about what the rest would think about it, follow your heart cause at the end you are gonna be the one living there!

If you haven’t got an idea yet of what you would like I will give you some tips to help you out in your decision:

1 bedroom only apartment? Color and space.

apartment in the Bronx NY

If you live at a small place you can use sharp colors, color combinations with negative space in between will enhance the space´s clarity and openness.

For your living room you can bring splashes of color for example to your radiator, the inside of a bookshelf or window frames, this way you will bring life and depth to it. If your apartment has a hall use a dark color in it and lighter shades in your living room as it will look more spacious by comparison.

Paint at least one wall in a darker color, the contrast will be awesome and your apartment will look amazing.

Transform your kitchen and make it stunning! You can use shocking colors like red…it´s hot! For your bathroom use a pale pink or innovate with a dark brown!

Graffiti is the new wallpaper 4 ur apartment in the Bronx NY!

apartment in the Bronx NY

And last but not least, break the rules and choose your favorite wall and create your perfect graffiti! Yes my friend, honor the Bronx and ask one of your friends, or even yourself (if you dare) to paint that wall  like only a Bronx resident can do it! Make the difference and amuse your friends! They´ll love it and you´ll feel your home is the coolest place ever!! (look some amazing real life examples above)

So now that you´ve read my tips, go ahead and use your imagination based on your color and style preferences, intuition never fails so congratulations in advance for daring to make your home different!