BIG’s strategy is to achieve optimal lot occupancy (meeting the stringent requirements of Manhattan real estate developers) by maintaining relationships with the immediate environment (heights, relationship with neighboring buildings, noise from 12th Avenue) and those nearby (relationship to the park and views of the Hudson River).

This is represented in a pyramid-like structure that reaches 467 feet tall, with a central void containing a park. The building includes 600 residences of different sizes, and space for cultural and commercial programs.

With this strategy, we reach BIG’s goal of achieving a hybrid that is a cross between the towers of Manhattan and the low housing blocks that we see in Europe.

With an efficient layout that maintains the necessary privacy, the perimeter block meets the demands of density and security. This project has joined Manhattan’s tall-home design, creating a unique way that combines the advantages of both: the compactness of an inner patio, with the air and views of a skyscraper.

The shape of the building varies from different points of view. From the West Side highway, it looks like a pyramid, and from West 58th Street, it looks like a glass spiral.

By keeping three corners of the building at a low elevation and raising the northeastern part of the building, the patio opens with views to the Hudson River and allows the sun to sink under the west into the block.

Although the patio is a private space for its residents, it can be seen from the outside, creating a visual connection with the Hudson River Park.

The slope of the building allows you to make a transition from the existing low-rise buildings to the south, and the tall towers to the north and west of the site. The striking and highly visible deck consists of a climbing surface with terraces, each with its own terrace facing south.

The building consists primarily of residential units of varying sizes with cultural and commercial businesses at street level and on the second floor. At the tilted inner walls, all residential units are facing the Hudson River and the sun. The fishbone pattern of the walls is also visible. Each apartment has a window overlooking the spectacular views.

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