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Housewives know how important it is to keep our homes nice and clean, and especially, how to make our kitchens stand out from the rest! When I´m in the mood, I love to prepare interesting meals and also love eating outside!

So I started searching apartments for rent near Ace Hotel NYC some months ago, and noticed that most of them have very small kitchens. Personally, I prefer spacious kitchens to cook my favorite meals, UNLESS I find apartments for rent near Eataly (a italian resaurant thats amazingly delicious ) which must be great as I love Italian food, and then I will probably never use the kitchen again! So both options are acceptable .

But, now we´ll see 5 ways to make our kitchen look amazing, ’cause we love good things and we love luxury in our homes!


  1. In your apartment´s kitchen: Colors please! –

Colors in your apartment for rent

Colors are optional in our homes, not just in our kitchen, but in our lives!

How to know which colors to choose?  If your kitchen is small, it is recommended to use light colors, as dark ones will make the space look more chaotic and smaller. Even though you can break the nuances with other colors like yellow, lime green or orange, and other colors that you perfer and love. This way your kitchen will look awesome!


  1. Your apartment is not a hotel: Avoid excessive decoration- less is more.

apartments for rent near Ace Hotel NYCee

Your kitchen will look more tidy and spacious!

Décor must be easy to clean, and if you add clear wood to its floors, the result will turn into a cozy beautiful kitchen!

So remember to keep your counters clear, it will even make it easier for you when you have to cook!


  1. If you rent a modern style apartment use stainless steel appliances and cabinetry.

apartments for rent near Eataly

Remember, the white and grey colors never fail, it gives the sensation of cleanliness and neatness apart from luminosity.

Granite countertops are also a must, and will bring a bit of luxury to your kitchen, besides it´s an excellent material, and easy to clean.


  1. If you love the rustic style the best option is wood.

apartments for rent near Eataly

You can get the great results giving your kitchen a country style with flowers, wooden cabinetry, hand-painted decoration and red checkered curtains.

Wooden floors, wooden counters, wall clocks and ornaments will make it cozy and cute!


  1. Modern and fun! –

apartments for rent near

If you wanna forego all traditional styles, use your own! Nothing better than that!

Create your personal kitchen, use cheerful colors, murals with pictures and matching crockery!

Use a different color for drawers and walls. Fill this space with aunique and personal touch. Dare to be the creator of your own artwork!

I hope you liked my article, and that it is helpful! Remember, the first step is to identify your style, then follow these tips and turn your kitchen into a real dream come true!.

Good luck!